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Letters from students

Letter from Nemneikim Kimsey

I thank God for giving me this time to write a few lines about my testimony.  My name is Nemneikim (Kimsey) from Songlhuh village, Nagaland. My father passed away in 2001 and I am the only child for my widow mother. I joined cl-A in Gov’t L-P school in 2000. I always wanted to study in private English school but my mother could not afford it.

I thank God and my sponsor for giving me Scholarship from 2009 for which I was able to study in private English school in cl-viii. Now I am in cl-ix. My dream has been fulfilled from good people like you.

May God bless you abundantly.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely
Nemneikim (Kimsy)

Letter from Naongmonyu Chang

Greetings to all The KET Family members. My name is Naongmonyu Chang studying in 10th standard in St. John school, Tuensang.

Here, I want to share with The KET Family that this Scholarship is very much helpful for the poor family like us with very little family income. We are five (5) siblings that my parents hardly manage on our expenses. I am very much grateful for meeting all my education & expenses by the KET from the year 2007.

I can see that this scholarship had also made my parents lighten their burden for me.

I will always remain grateful to KET. May the good Lord Bless KET

Naongmonyu Chang St. John School Tuensang

Letter from T. Sumo

Dear Donors,

Thank you. I have received Rs 8000

  Expenditure Amount
1. Admission due Rs 1000
2. Monthly fee Rs 2200
3. Tuition fee Rs 1250
4. Books (note, text & guide) Rs 1000
5. Miscellaneous Rs 2650


My life experience

Before coming to my life experience I would like to thank all the donors for helping me financially. When I think of my life experience, I come across several situations.

Moreover, about my educational academic process, I am facing lots of helpless problems. My parents are poor and illiterate, even though they want to help me they are handicapped without financial income and we have big family members and are unable of improving the status.

I am running my schooling days out of rules and regulations which means having a credit for all the books and fees. But through your donation I can put my step forward and run my schooling days properly. You help my life career financially, thank you so much once again.

Thanks You

T. Sumo

Books on the Battle of Kohima

I am writing to say thank you so much for sending the books to the Nagaland State Library regarding the Battle of Kohima. My name is Khrienuo, I have just finished my MPhil from the University of Hyderabad. My researched topic was the Battle of Kohima.


When I initially started collecting my materials I was worried because in most of the libraries that I visited there were hardly any books on the Battle of Kohima. Then after I went home I visited the State Library where I found many books on the battle. With the books collected from the State Library and some from others like National Archives of India etc, I was able to complete my work.


I am planning to continue this topic for my PhD. Even though I hear a lot about the battle from my grandparents I never thought that I would be researching this subject, but today I am doing it and am really liking it. There is so much information which I didn't know, but after doing this research, I am learning many new things and have acquired so much information.


I am very grateful to you all, without you sending books my work would not have been completed as most of the books which are on line sale are so expensive. My heartfelt thanks to you all!

Khreinuo Ltu

Scottish and Naga children exchange letters

Class 7C of the Culter School in Aberdeen, Scotland was visited by Burma veteran, 85-year old Stanley Rothney, early in 2007. As a result of his visits, the pupils wrote letters to their counterparts in Kohima. The letters were forwarded by KET to Pfelie Kesiezie – the school's headmaster – and literature about KET was sent to Mrs Cowie, the teacher who had invited Stanley Rothney's visit.

As a result there has been an exchange of correspondence between the pupils of the two schools, of which here are two extracts:

From Jaimie in Aberdeen, "He told us about the Naga people. He said they looked after him and his fellow comrades. They gave them food, water and shelter."

From Anish, David and Lima in Nagaland, "The Nagas did not fight the war but helped the British by carrying their goods and doing intelligence work about the position of the enemies etc. That is how the enemies were prevented from entering India."

My visit to England

I saw many wonderful things when we went to England. We stayed at East Hendred with our hosts Robert and Sylvia. The village was neat and clean, quiet and peaceful. It was beautiful too with flowers blooming everywhere. One of the things that impressed me was the Kohima Museum. I never expected to see such a museum in Great Britain named after Kohima!

At the museum we saw a film which depicted scenes of how the Nagas fought with the British against the Japanese and the guns they had used during this war. We also saw the War Cemetery and a view of Kohima town. I even saw a Chakhesang shawl displayed on the wall. But the most memorable things that I noticed were that the people are very polite and kind, and that the countryside and the cities are very clean!

Venu Lohe, Grade 8,

Baptist High School, Kohima

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